The Ballad of the Borgi: The Border Collie-Corgi Mix Everyone’s Ignoring

The Ballad of the Borgi: The Border Collie-Corgi Mix Everyone’s Ignoring

We demand to know why no one is talking about this most important cross breed!

We may or may not be living in a time of underreported events and phenomena (cough), but one burgeoning trend that has definitely (and unfairly!) flown under the radar is the rise of the Borgi.

Much fuss has been made about crossbreeds like the Labradoodle, the Puggle, the Cockapoo and the Maltipoo, but little-to-no ink has been spilled about the Borgi, the Border Collie-Corgi mix that we feel compelled to liken to the peanut butter and jelly (or the champagne and caviar, or the Erika Jayne and her entourage) of dog crossbreeds.

Featuring the coloring and athletic herding features of the Border Collie and the stunted derpiness of the beloved Corgi, the Borgi is a strange, instantly-pleasing combination of traits that would seem, in theory, to work against each other. But it does work; it works so, so well! The cuteness is literally unmanageable.

And so we wonder: Why aren’t more people writing about this? Why are there only 17,000 photos (many of which are actually Beagle-Corgi mixes) on the Borgi hashtag on Instagram? (Compare to more than one million photos on #Labradoodle.) Why doesn’t every person we know own one? At least we can now say we’ve done our part to raise awareness, and once you’ve scrolled through these photos proving our point re: cuteness, you’ll have done your part too.

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