Buzzfeed and Vanderpump Dogs Team Up to Show Off Shelter Dogs’ Makeovers

Buzzfeed and Vanderpump Dogs Team Up to Show Off Shelter Dogs’ Makeovers

THIS is what the internet is good for!

By Kristyn Pomranz

We like to keep you updated on Vanderpump Dogs—the pink, sparkly dog rescue owned by The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsLisa Vanderpump—as often as possible. The no-kill shelter was founded to support Stop Yulin Forever, as well as improve the lives of domestic doggos. They aim to aid education, raise awareness, and end animal abuse and neglect once and for all.

Vanderpump Dogs strongly believes that the healthier and happier the dog, the more likely it is to become adopted—and one of the ways they achieve that? Through “Vanderpuffing,” their signature name for grooming and glamming dogs, Vanderpump-style—with 100% of profits going directly back into the shelter.

Buzzfeed teamed up with Vanderpump Dogs to highlight the rescue and its mission, all while showcasing two rescues. Buster and Dewey. Both adorable puppers were saved from deplorable conditions but are thankfully on paths to start beautiful new lives.

“We bring in dogs from kill shelters that don’t necessarily look their best,” says Executive Director Dr. John Sessa. “They were neglected they have a lot of rehabilitation and PTSD issues. After the dogs come in and we do our health assessment, we get them Vanderpuffed, and so that allows them to have a new image. And we’ve noticed that it really does improve the way they walk around—they feel a lot better!”

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