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The Daily Dish Summer House

Lindsay Reveals the Surprising Fate of Her Relationship with Carl's Parents Today

Plus, hear the Summer House cast member's honest thoughts about Carl's conversation with his mom, Sharon, and stepdad, Lou.

By Allison Crist

Now that Lindsay Hubbard's seen Carl Radke's Summer House conversation with his mom, Sharon, and stepfather, Lou, for herself, she's sounding off on what was shared — and she's also revealing exactly where she stands with Carl's family today. 

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Here's what Lindsay has to say now.

How Lindsay Hubbard Reacted to Seeing Carl Radke's Conversation with His Parents

Upon watching the chat back, Lindsay said on the Summer House After Show, "I felt like I was insane." 

"I'm like, what weird f-cked up flying universe world are we living in?" she continued. "If I am completely honest with you, my parents would absolutely never diss or talk badly about my future husband. My parents would never do that because this is my decision and who I'm picking to be my partner."

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Has Lindsay talked to Carl's mom, Sharon, or stepdad, Lou, since the wedding was called off?

Lindsay stated on the Summer House After Show that she "never heard from Sharon after the breakup, or Lou." 

"No one called me or texted me afterwards," she added. "Nothing." 

What's more, Lindsay said that prior to her and Carl's split, Sharon never expressed any concerns about their relationship to Lindsay's face.

"I asked her at my bridal shower [and] she was like, 'No, no, no, everyone fights, everyone has things,'" Lindsay recalled. "I was like, 'Well if there's anything I can do to ease your mind, let me know.' And she was all good and then all weekend long she was like, 'I'm so excited for Lindsay to be my daughter-in-law!' Like, 'I love her so much.' And she just had nothing but nice things to say to me. And then when everything happened, she never even reached out. Nothing."

A split of Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke.

Carl Radke Defends His Conversation with His Parents

On the same episode of the Summer House After Show, Carl shed new light onto the pre-wedding talk he had with his parents

"I genuinely care about how I make other people feel, and especially someone that I'm engaged to and I love and I want to move forward with the wedding. I did not want to hurt her by having my parents, who love her too, express concern about a very real concern," Carl said. "And I had always hoped that she maybe could listen and understand that, but I struggled at communicating that to her. I knew it wasn't gonna go well because of previous experiences with Lindsay when I'm trying to not confront her, but share something difficult. And I did a horrible job but I also was really honest with her and I felt like we were fighting when I'm, like, trying to say sorry about a conversation I had with my parents."

And regardless of what his parents said about his relationship with Lindsay, Carl insisted, "I wanted to get married. I wanted to make it work even regardless of my parents."

Hear more from both Carl and Lindsay in the above Summer House After Show clip.

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