The One With The Cat That Looks Exactly Like Ross Gellar

The One With The Cat That Looks Exactly Like Ross Gellar

She'll be there for you... 'til you're on a break.

By Matt Russoniello

Animals that look like famous people or characters are unquestionably our favorite kind of animals. The Owen Wilson tortoise? That Bernese Mountain Dog with the killer Jim Halpert impression? Those are the best animals! Today, we welcome another creature into the illustrious pantheon of Animals That Look Like Beloved Icons of Film and Television: this cat that looks exactly like Friends’ Ross Gellar.

Twitter user @watrprks posted the following tweet back in January:

Sure, the cat is ugly, but 11K+ retweets and 18K+ likes-worth? We’re not convinced.

At least, we weren’t convinced until a few days ago when @gratiartis pointed out one very simple explanation for why the ugly cat resonated so widely on the web:


David Schwimmer is definitely shook. The resemblance is beyond eerie. Looking upon this cat, Schwimmer must feel how Ross felt in the Season 2 episode "The One With Russ,” when he realized Rachel was dating his doppelganger. (In case you forgot: he was shook!) Now, if we could just find five other cats that look like Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe, we could stage the Friends reunion the human cast continues to deny us.

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