You Can Now Buy a Six-Pack of Champagne, Because You're Classy Like That

You Can Now Buy a Six-Pack of Champagne, Because You're Classy Like That

What's a summer barbecue without a little bubbly?

By Drew DiSabatino

Technically, summer doesn't start until late June. But anyone who knows anything about anything (or anyone who owns a pair of white pants) knows that Memorial Day weekend is really the unofficial kickoff to our favorite season of the year.

Other than white pants, drinking outside—whether on patios or rooftops or at picnics or the beach—is what summer is all about. Fortunately for you, many of your favorite adult-beverage producers are aware of this fact, and they’ve already been hard at work developing new and exciting ways for you to imbibe outdoors. Want to drink on a stoop but still feel classy? Grab a 40-ounce of wine. Want to get a brain freeze and a buzz? Frosé is here and ready to help. But the newest thing we’re looking forward to this summer?

Champagne six-packs.

Meet the exciting new creation, which combines six 187-millileter bottles (about ¼ the size of a standard champagne bottle) of Moët Imperial Brut into a single package in an effort to help you be the coolest and/or bougiest person at your next get-together.

"But drat!" you (possibly) exclaim as you think about showing up to a party toting a sixer of bubbly. "Does this mean I need to travel with a pack of champagne flutes as well?" Of course not—Moët has you covered. Each baby bottle of bubbly comes complete with a gold flute attached to the top so that you can live your classiest life, no matter where it takes you.

So what’s the catch, you might be asking?

Well, these aren't exactly tall boys of PBR, and they don't exactly have a PBR price tag to match. Each six-pack of Champagne will set you back a cool $100. But Champagne can be expensive, so how does the price really stack up? (CAUTION: Math ahead)

  • Therefore $100 could purchase 2 standard bottles of Moët
  • The six mini bottles yield about 1.5 standard bottles of Moët
  • The six mini bottles also cost $100
  • 2 is more than 1.5

The numbers don't lie: by going all-in on the novelty of the six-pack, you're missing out on up to an extra half bottle of Champagne for the same price, which seems unreasonable.

But just look at how cute these tiny bottles are!!

Photo: Courtesy of Moët

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