How to Eat Like Donald Trump in NYC: A Guide to His Favorite Restaurants in the City

How to Eat Like Donald Trump in NYC: A Guide to His Favorite Restaurants in the City

Spoiler: It helps if you really like burgers.

By Sara Gauchat

Donald Trump has always been a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. He likes his steaks well done and his private jet stocked with KFC. Unexpected ingredients and avant-garde preparations aren’t exactly what this president is looking for in his meals. So it’s no surprise that the current White House dweller sticks to a tried-and-true bunch of eateries when he’s back in the city that built him.

1. The 21 Club

The midtown institution (look for the iconic jockeys) has been dishing up pricey eats to power players for more than 80 years. Trump is such a fan of The 21 Club that he has his preferred table, his standard order (the $36 burger, natch), and he even placed a call himself to snag a reservation just weeks before his inauguration.

2. Jean-Georges

When the president feels like digging into a meal as fancy as his gold-plated New York digs, he heads to Jean-Georges, which is oh-so-conveniently nestled into the Trump International Hotel on Central Park West. The three-Michelin-star restaurant’s menu is entirely prix fixe—making things presumably less complicated when dining with colleagues or conducting an ill-fated job interview.

3. Nino’s

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Native New Yorkers always know where to find good pasta, and 45 elects to get his fix at Nino’s on the Upper East Side. The upscale eatery serves classic Italian fare—and just happens to have a massive mural depicting many of its VIP guests. Three guesses which current nuclear-codes-holder is included in said mural. (And standing right above Hillary, no less)

4. Jackson Hole Burgers

Have we mentioned that the Commander-in-Chief knows his way around beef on a bun? Trump is a regular at Jackson Hole Burgers, an elbows-on-the-table, saloon-style joint with locations around New York and New Jersey where open kitchens allow you to watch the meaty magic happen in real time.

5. The Polo Bar

When the president is feeling a bit more exclusive, he heads to Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar, where a doorman checking guests in on an iPad keeps the riffraff at bay. The equestrian-themed restaurant offers up American cuisine and, obviously, very solid people-watching.

6. Trump Grill

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Well, we’ve heard that Trump Grill features taco bowls on its menu...The steakhouse in the lobby of Trump Tower is certainly a convenient go-to for the man who lived and worked above the shop. Of course, it may not be on absolutely everyone’s must-dine short list.

7. Famous Famiglia Pizzeria

It was the slice seen ‘round the world when then-private-citizen Trump ate pizza with Sarah Palin. And a knife and fork. With all the pizza-slingers in NYC to choose from, the future president surprisingly opted for family-owned international chain Famous Famiglia. If that’s not global pizza politics, then we don’t know what is.

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