Love Everything Bagels? Everything Doughnuts Are Now a Thing

Love Everything Bagels? Everything Doughnuts Are Now a Thing

Mmm, garlic in our dessert.

By The Feast Staff

First rainbow bagels, and now this. We're pretty sure the owners of New York City's Doughnut Project are shocked—shocked—that their Everything Doughnut is causing total mayhem on social media. Really, who would've thunk? 

But seriously: This cockamamie-sounding invention might be just what doughnuts need to tone down their overwhelming sweetness: garlic, roasted black sesame seeds, pepitas, cream cheese glaze... Yum? Or yuck. You be the judge. Here's how Doughnut Project co-owner Troy Neal, who likes to experiment with savory spins on the typically sugary pastry, rationalized the invention on Gothamist. Meanwhile, the reaction seems to be (mostly) positive so far:




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