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Everything You Need For a Good Hair Day Today (& Everyday!)

Never accept a subpar hair day again.

By Katherine Kluznik

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about life, it’s that you can’t always get what you want, whether that’s being able to eat the whole box of Liddabit caramels (aka the best caramels on earth) and not gain a couple sneaky pounds or having our lucky (not-so-lucky) numbers hit the Powerball. Having perfectly coiffed hair each and every day always seemed like one more impossible ask, until, that is, we cracked the product code. Ahead, a line-up that never fails to keep our hair in line.

The Shampoo: Madame C. J. Walker Beauty Culture Silkening Shampoo

Shampoo seems innocuous enough, until, that is you wash, rinse, and repeat with something that leaves your hair overly dry or—just as bad—overly hydrated. This one strikes the right balance and smells like it’s bewitched your strands into a mane of cotton candy in the process.

BUY FROM: Sephora, $24

The Conditioner: Christophe Robin Volumizing Conditioner with Rose Extracts

Christophe Robin’s volumizing conditioner manages not to tamp down your hair’s newfound silkiness, while leaving it primed for styling. And the rose fragrance pairs surprisingly well with the sugary scent your shampoo left behind.

BUY FROM; Sephora, $43

The Detangler: Tangle Teaser

The brush/comb hybrid known as the Tangle Teaser makes quick and gentle work of, you guessed correctly, teasing tangles out of wet hair—all without stretching saturated strands and doing damage that can never be undone.

BUY FROM: Sephora, $12

The Hair Dryer: Conair Infiniti Pro 3Q

We have a very simple tip that will prevent, like, 90 percent of future split ends (we totally just made that number up—but it’s a lot, we swear): Never, ever blow dry your hair on high heat. It’s quicker, yes, but the rate of damage spikes with every degree higher. What’s good about this dryer is that it has 70 percent more air pressure than a standard unit, letting the forced air lift off more water at a lower temperature, leaving your hair with lots and lots less damage in the long run, and lots and lots less frizz right now. (See more of our favorite blow dryers here!)

BUY FROM: Amazon, $79.99

The Flat Iron: GHD Platinum Professional Performance Styler

Continuing with the theme of heat damage, your flat iron is another major offender. While it’s smoothing hair in the moment, it’s also cooking it from the outside in, all the way to the cortex. And when that happens, the external cuticle bonds weaken until even the light tug of a hairbrush can fray strands until they snap. All GHD flat irons, including this Platinum Professional Performance Styler, stabilize heat at 185 degrees to prevent unnecessary damage. We like to use it on just the tips of hair to give a little lift before curling. (See more of our favorite flat irons here!)

BUY FROM: Sephora, $249

The Curling Iron: T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

A trio of interchangeable heads on T3’s latest wand means styling your hair is one time you won’t have to feel bad for being so indecisive all the time. Depending on how you wrap hair over which head, they can make everything from perfect spirals to perfectly imperfect beach waves. Options, options. (See more of our favorite curling irons here!)

BUY FROM: Sephora, $270

The Frizz-Fighting Towelettes: Eva NYC Purse Perfect Hair Towelette

A sweep of one of these cloths anywhere you see frizz tames it with just the right amount of moisturizing argan oil. The wipes are great right after styling or when pulled out of your purse and applied when you spy some stray frizziness while glancing in your rear-view mirror. At a stoplight, of course.

BUY FROM: Target, $13 for 10

The Dry Shampoo: Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Dry shampoo is excellent for hiding that you have borderline filthy hair. It’s equally great, though, on fresh, clean strands. Blast it right at the roots to give hair enough grit not to look too perfect in that beauty-pageant way that no one who doesn’t live on TV actually wants.

BUY FROM: Sephora, $20

The Vitamins: Hair la Vie Revitalizing Hair Blend

Keep in mind, no supplement can make individual stands thicker. That all comes down to genetics and the width of your shaft (which sounds far dirtier than we intended). Vitamins can, however, give follicles the nutrients they need to grow hair that’s healthier and stronger.

BUY FROM: Hair la Vie, $24.95

The Silk Pillowcase: Dry Bar Slumber Party

All that time spent making your hair look so fantastic…you must be exhausted. Why not have a lie down on a silky pillowcase that’ll help keep your style looking good enough that maybe, just maybe, you won’t have to repeat the process all over again in the a.m. (And if you need some tips on how to get the best sleep ever, go here!)

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $48

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