Hot New Hookup, Call An Uber Driver?

Hot New Hookup, Call An Uber Driver?

But do these drivers get five stars?

By Marianne Garvey

One night, like he’d done countless times before, Anthony took an Uber home from JFK airport in New York City to his Murray Hill apartment. He was in Los Angeles on business and had been drinking wine on the flight home, although he says he would have done it sober. He hooked up with his Uber driver. Nothing crazy, just a lot of heavy petting and making out on a side street in Queens.

“He was so hot, I’d never think to hook up with a Taxi driver, but Uber drivers are different,” he explains. “He was gorgeous. It just happened.”

After giving his chauffeur a five star rating, the two never saw or spoke to each other again.

Anthony is not alone, and hooking up with your Uber or Lyft driver is happening more and more. There are online threads on Reddit and posts on popular websites about the very topic. On a recent episode of HBO’s Togetherness, Mark Duplass’ character takes up a job as an Uber driver, and during a low point in his marriage, goes home with a cute passenger. 

Women drivers do it too. One married Uber driver named Jen posted a blog detailing a hook up with a man she picked up from the airport.

"It happened yesterday when I picked up a guy from the airport who was going over to the Hilton in Bilmore Park," she writes on Reddit. "As soon as he got in my van I could see he kept looking at me like he knew me but not sure from where. We were chatting a little about the weekend and he then asked me what I had planned. I said I was hoping to go for a bike ride with my husband but mostly spend time with my kids at different events…In seconds I was back there kissing him. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly, and pulled his slacks and underwear down to his ankles.”

You can imagine the rest.

Another Uber driver named Chase, from Louisville Kentucky, says he's been “propositioned by men, women and drag queens.”

“My response to all of them is I have to work,” he says.

Yet another says she’s “tempted” all the time, but hasn’t done anything just yet.

“I’m a woman and I've been propositioned numerous times in my 3 months of driving...hahah well, its certainly an interesting job! I'm rarely bored. The stories I could tell... ;) I've haven’t taken anyone up on the offer yet, but I've sure been tempted a few times!” she writes.

One driver in Los Angeles commented that he's tempted to brag about the “super flirty” girls he often picks up.

"I knew this kind of thing was going on. I always get asked by male drivers if I ever hook up with any passengers and I always say it's tempting but no. I don't want to be the next Uber molester on Fox news. I've had super flirty girls though. Trying to grab my arm or hold my hand or even massage my shoulders saying I work too many hours. I wish I had a dash cam,” he says.

Uber has issued a statement about the relationships between drivers and passengers, saying safety first. Does that mean with the sex?

Safety is our number one priority. We always follow up with allegations or complaints of misconduct and take them very seriously. We expect and require driver partners to act professionally while on the road, and hope that riders and drivers are prioritizing safety in their personal lives as well.”

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