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These Shops Serve Ice Cream Cones Piled So High With Scoops, They Nearly Topple Over

Are you up for the 15-scoop challenge?

By Tamara Palmer

Just when you thought your ice cream options couldn't possibly get more out-there—what with donut ice cream cones, ice cream flights and freakshakesshops around the world are upping the game with impossibly sky-high cones and leaning towers of edible awesomeness. Do you think you can handle one of these gravity-defying creations?

The Scoop Tower

A photo posted by Yurie O (@yurigura) on

Why settle for an ordinary scoop or two when you can be piling 12-15 scoops onto a double cone? Both options are available at Pokeno Ice Cream near Auckland, New Zealand. You might need a friend or three to take on this game of edible Jenga, where the whole tower can fall with the wrong lick.

Sideways Scoops

Nelson's Ice Cream in Stillwater, Minnesota has the coolest way of making a kiddie portion. The cup may be tiny, but the sideways scoop action is more than generous. We're sure all the sugar and calories hanging over the side of the cup don't count.

A photo posted by @grady__owl on

The sideways scoopage gets even crazier at Loooop in Hong Kong, which builds ice cream shrooms that lean over your cup and threaten to fall on the table.

Asymmetrical Ice Cream

Beachgoers in Cyprus beat the heat with gorgeous abstract ice cream sculptures. This creation looks super-delicate, and the whole thing could be history in an instant. But it also looks more than worth the challenge.

Dagger Cones

Tall cones are nothing new on the streets of Seoul, but you have to be different to stand out, right? Enter the dagger cones.

Cones on Cones on Cones

One ice cream cone for your ice cream cone is clearly not enough anymore, so we totally support this cone on cone on cone action happening in Poland. It could use a few more cones, even.
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