Mom-to-Be Does Maternity Shoot with 20,000 Bees!!!

Mom-to-Be Does Maternity Shoot with 20,000 Bees!!!


By Kristyn Pomranz

Ahh, maternity shoots: Such a beautiful thing. Expectant mothers put on their flowiest dresses and traipse out into a forest—the natural green setting a metaphor for life itself—then they affectionately cradle their bump as a photographer praises their pregnancy glow.

But perhaps the best part of any maternity shoot is when the mom-to-be is swarmed by 20,000 bees, and they come to settle all over her belly and arms and hands, and the ultimate dichotomy of beauty and terror winds up looking like a poster for a Darren Aronofsky film.   

Okay so maybe that only happened with one maternity shoot, but we dare say that was enough. Emily Mueller, who owns the Mueller Honey Bee Rescue in Akron, Ohio, decided to incorporate her honeybee philanthropy into her maternity photoshoot for her fourth child who is due this November.

The Mueller Honey Bee Rescue is dedicated to saving and rehoming bee colonies from places where they might otherwise be destroyed. The beekeepers then care for the buzzy little pollinators who, in turn, provide honey to sell in support of their mission.

"The bees that were used in the photo shoot were rescued from a park," Emily told The Dodo. "They were on a bleacher where people and children sit to watch games and they were unable to use that location due to the bees flying around and scaring people. We were contacted by several people and the park reps also were trying to find someone to come save them."

The 20,000 bees used in the photoshoot were very kind to insect-whisperer Emily and her child-to-be—and also photographer Kendrah Damis who bravely shot the “once in a lifetime experience.” No stings were reported—remember, bees only react when they feel threatened—and we hope Emily’s photoshoot raises awareness for her bee-saving mission!

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