Melania Trump's Hand Slap To Donald Was In Response To Being "Treated Like A Child," Says Expert

Melania Trump's Hand Slap To Donald Was In Response To Being "Treated Like A Child," Says Expert

The First Lady swatted her hubby like a fly. 

By Marianne Garvey

Donald Trump's hands may be tiny, but they are still swattable. We all saw the left one get shooed away when he landed in Israel with wife Melania. It was quick, but clear - "tiny hand off!" as she shooed the president away from her own well manicured hand.

These two are already sleeping in separate beds, now this? What does it mean?

Well, according to the "Babe Ruth" of body language, Patti Wood, we can tell you. It's juicy.

Viewing the video in slow motion, Patti explains exactly what went down after the two landed in Tel Aviv.

"He [Donald] was doing what he has been doing, which is walking ahead of her. That’s been his norm in these public settings and that makes her appear less than. He doesn’t want to be seen as a unit, or a couple. He wants to stay alpha, so he walks ahead," she says.

And that's just the start of the problem.

"He has a lack of respect in honoring her," Patti explains. "It’s his consistent body language with her.

Note here that when he puts his hand back, he puts it upside and back like she's an errant child who can’t keep up. He doesn’t take it to lift and support, he doesn’t linger, he glances quickly. It’s more like 'OK you’re not keeping up kid.'"

Melania's not having it, and good for her.

"Her response to his 'hurry up' behavior is he didn’t wait for her, he didn’t walk with her, he didn’t hold her hand equally (like the Obamas always did.) So she pushes up and away like a kid would. She swatted away like 'I won’t be pulled along like a child,'" explains Patti. "She doesn’t look down, she keep moving."

Why is it making the internet explode?

"It’s newsworthy because he is trying to control her. And she has little moments where she responds in the moment, because she's not used to this. Underneath it’s because this is new and different."

Patti senses they may actually be pretty loving when the whole world isn't - or wasn't- watching.

"I think in private, this is not how they are. If you go back and look, he used to touch her on sexual parts of her body, she used to bask in it," she says. "There’s been a switch and it’s upsetting her. She used to be expansive and relaxed and now there is lots of tension, even in her mouth, trying to seal in emotions. She tries to control it, but every once in a while it comes out. We feel the tension in the moment when we see it."

Like the hand swatting.

"These behaviors tell me that this is not how she’s used to being treated."

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