Mom Creates Homemade Glue To Get Bows To Stick On Baby Girls - And People Are Furious

Mom Creates Homemade Glue To Get Bows To Stick On Baby Girls - And People Are Furious

It's safe and fun, but other parents are misunderstanding what the point is. 

By Nicki Gostin
Plucking a Baby's Eyebrows

After unsuccessfully attempting to attach bows and headbands to her daughters' heads, Katie Hydrick had an epiphany—a natural glue to dab on her children’s head that would hold a bow.

People soon began stopping her to ask how the bows stayed on, and where they could buy her then homemade concoction, so Katie decided to start stirring up more batches in her kitchen for strangers—and the company Girlie Glue was born.

The cheeks are making my day happy! (The felt flower is pretty cute too!) 😍

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But lately Girlie Glue and their tagline, “It’s never too early to be Girlie” have come under attack from social media users.

Simon Ragoonanan, a stay-at-home dad and blogger told Huffington Post UK, “Why are those parents so keen for the world to know that their baby is a girl that they’re prepared to glue things to the baby’s head? Gluing anything to your baby's head is obviously barbaric, but worsened by the fact that it's a product called Girlie Glue to stick gender-stereotyped accessories to the baby girl's head."

And Twitter went bonkers with moms who were upset over the glue.

Katie thinks all the criticism is ridiculous and says she’s become the target of political correctness.

“People want someone to attack. I’m all for women’s rights….Anyone that wants to use a bow on their child can use a bow,” she tells Personal Space.

“They think we’re saying that baby girls need to have a bow,” she continued. “That they should be wearing a bow and that’s not at all what we’re saying. We love the look of a little bow.”

Ready for spring! I can feel it coming...can you? 🐣🌷🌥🐝

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She believes that the product is an easy target because “our name has the word girlie in it. When really we’re just here because moms like to put bows in their baby’s hair and this is a great way to do it.”

And she proclaims that the glue has other uses to like the perfect adhesive for kids costumes and making sure adhesive earrings for non-pierced ears stay in place.

Perhaps Katie could defuse the situation by renaming it gender-fluid glue?

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