Other Celebrity Women You May Have Forgotten Secretly Adopted (Just Like Hoda)

Other Celebrity Women You May Have Forgotten Secretly Adopted (Just Like Hoda)

The stars kept mum on being a mom until they were ready.

By Marianne Garvey
It's Time to Be Adopted!

Hoda Kotb was the latest celebrity mom to keep her adoption out of the prying public eye until she was ready to announce it. Over the years, there have been some shockers on the family front when it comes to actresses adopting.

Remember when Sandra Bullock brought son Louis, born in December 2009 in New Orleans, home the following January? No one had a clue she had adopted a baby. She left ex-husband Jesse James following cheating allegations, and announced that she would finalize the adoption as a single parent.

Here are some below the radar adoptions you may have forgotten (or never knew) happened:

Cate Blanchett adopted daughter Edith Vivian Patricia in March 2015. In addition to her biological children, Dashiell John, Roman Robert, and Ignatius Martin, Cate mentioned that she was interested in having a girl, so she did.

Charlize Theron first adopted a son she named Jackson from Africa in 2012 and in 2015 expanded her family with an African-American girl she named August. She has kept mum on her private life for the most part, saying one publicly “I always knew I would adopt. Always.”

Viola Davis adopted daughter Genesis Tennon in October 2011, with husband, actor Julius Tennon, who has two children from previous relationships. Genesis is the first child for the couple, who married in June 2003. At the time Viola told CNN, "It's just given me purpose, you know? After a while your life can't be about hair and make-up and what film you're doing next and if you're good or not and reviews."

Kristin Davis even dealt with adoption onscreen as her Sex and the City character Charlotte York Goldenblatt struggled with infertility and adopted a baby girl from China. In real life the actress adopted Gemma Rose Davis announcing it in October 2011, that she had done it hrough domestic adoption.

Before Katherine Heigl gave birth to her first biological baby, a boy, she adopted daughters Nancy Leigh (Naleigh) and Adalaide Marie Hope with husband Josh Kelley. Naleigh was born in November 2008 in South Korea, was adopted in September 2009. In April 2012, Adalaide was adopted through domestic adoption.

Mariska Hargitay adopted daughter Amaya Josephine and son Andrew Nicolas with husband, actor Peter Hermann. Amaya came home in in April 2011 through domestic adoption. The couple welcomed son Andrew June 28, 2006.

Mariska’s costar, Chris Meloni, was one of the only few who knew before it was announced, saying, "Uh, yeah [I knew she was adopting!] I'm her partner," he told Us Weekly. "You didn't know; I knew. I had to keep my mouth shut."

Madonna just added to her brood with twin girls she adopted from Malawi. She first brought home son David Banda in October 2006, when he was a little over a year old. Mercy, born January 2006 in Malawi was finally brought home in 2009 after Madonna was blocked in court from immediately adopting her.

Meg Ryan adopted daughter Daisy True from China in January 2006 as an infant who was assigned to the actress through a lottery system. She also has a son named Jack Henry born in 1992 with Dennis Quaid.

Sharon Stone adopted sons Roan Joseph, Laird Vonne, and Quinn Kelly within a span of years. Roan, born in May 2000, was adopted right after his birth, while Laird born May 2005, was adopted immediately. Quinn, born June 2006, was adopted quickly too.

Mary-Louise Parker, who has a son named Will with actor Billy Crudup, also adopted a daughter Caroline "Ash" Aberash Parker in 2007. She told People at the time: “It had never occurred to me before, but … I wanted to go somewhere where there was a need. It’s not like I only wanted to enlarge my family. I really wanted to give a child a home.”

Edie Falco has an adopted son Anderson and an adopted daughter Macy. Anderson, adopted at birth and named after Edie’s mom, was brought home in December 2004. Macy was adopted from Florida in February 2008.

Michelle Pfeiffer adopted daughter Claudia Rose when she was 35, and then married husband, David E. Kelley, who later adopted her as his own. The couple went on to have a son named John Henry together.

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