We Asked Our Editors: What is a Pet Question You’ve Googled Recently?

We Asked Our Editors: What is a Pet Question You’ve Googled Recently?

Our staff Googles weird stuff. :/

By Kristyn Pomranz

You know what’s great about the internet? (Besides bottomless access to viral videos of kittens that think they’re bunnies and dogs that are obsessed with belly scratches?) The limitless access to information. Got a question? GOOGLE IT. Got a real weird question? STILL GOOGLE IT. Got a question that’s maybe rhetorical or that most definitely doesn’t have a real answer? GOOGLE IT ANYWAY, YOU WILL STILL GET A RESULT.

After recently Googling some very strange questions about dogs and cats as part of the pets content editorial process, we got to wondering: What is the last pet questions our editors Googled? Their responses did not disappoint.

“Why does my dog shove her head against me like a goat?”

(A: It’s either a sign of aggression or affection depending on the type of movement.)

“Why is my dog licking his paws so much?”

(A: It’s either normal self-grooming or an itch caused by an environmental irritant.)

“What is the average weight of German Shepherds?”

(A: Male: 66-88 lbs. Female: 49-71 lbs.)

“Why does my dog paw the floor before sleeping?”

(A: It’s an evolutionary behavior from dogs in the wild who would dig to expose cool earth.)

“I think my child is allergic to my dog”

(A: Sorry ‘bout it.)

“How to cure dog’s gas problem”

(A: Talk to a vet.)

“Does my dog know he is a dog?”

(A: This is too philosophical to answer.)

“Why does my cat keep standing on my chest when I sleep?”

(A: This is actually a sign of bonding.)

“Cat blinks do they mean love?”

(A: …maybe. But they also might just be blinking.)

“Cat leashes”

(A: Yep.)

“Are cat toupees real?”

(A: No, but Petwigs are.)

“How to clean a cat’s ears using natural cleansers”

(A: There’s a YouTube video for that.)

“Why do dogs steal your seat when you get up?”

(A: They’re trying to steal your warmth.)

“Do cats understand the concept of dancing?”

(A: It depends on what you mean by “concept of dancing.”)

“Is it possible to tattoo the white of a dog's eyes?”

(A: WTF???)

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