Extremely Relatable Rescue Story: Police Officer Saves Cat Stuck in a Bag of Cheetos

Extremely Relatable Rescue Story: Police Officer Saves Cat Stuck in a Bag of Cheetos

Don’t act like this same thing has never happened to you, liar.

By Stacy Lenz

The allure of Cheetos is great, from the neon color to the cheesy, sometimes Flamin’ Hot taste. You don’t need to tell us, or Britney Spears, for that matter. Everyone knows how delicious Cheetos are, even cats.

One such Cheeto-loving cat was seduced by an open bag of Cheetos and in the midst of going after all that sweet, sweet orange dust, got her head stuck. (For our purposes, we’re just going to start calling this little lost stray, Britney — both this cat and Britney Spears can’t resist Cheetos, the Internet loves them and both prefer not wearing shoes. It’s the perfect name.)

By the grace of Chester Cheetah himself, police officer David Stone saw Britney the cat struggling on the side of the road and ventured over to investigate and his camera caught the whole exchange. The University of West Georgia officer approached while speaking softly to calm the stray and Britney the cat urgently mewed back at him. He removed the offending bag from atop the kittens’ head and then gave her some head scratches. While she did seem appreciative she also looked slightly peeved that he took her delicious snack bag/hat with him. She was left with nothing but a dusting of orange cheese powder on her fur. After telling her to be a good little cat, the officer attempts to goes off on his merry way.

As the tape cuts off, you hear the officer say “oh no, don’t foll-” clearly trying (and probably failing) to tell Brit-Brit not to follow him. Now, this is all speculation, but we are pretty sure that in the footage we did not see, the officer then opens the squad car’s door and the little orange-tinged cat leaps inside, and they drive off solving crimes together. (What?! Police have K9 units, maybe a feline unit could be a thing?! Don’t poke holes in this scenario, let us have this!)

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