Make This Fast 3-Ingredient Popcorn Chicken in Minutes Using BBQ Potato Chips

Make This Fast 3-Ingredient Popcorn Chicken in Minutes Using BBQ Potato Chips

Barbecue-flavored chips meet their true destiny.

By The Feast Staff

You've got friends coming over in 15 minutes and you need to feed them, or yourself. You never got over chicken tenders, and you're not about to. You keep a stash of BBQ potato chips around, because why wouldn't you? Whatever the reason, this three-ingredient popcorn chicken is calling your name, and ours too.

No one is pretending this is a made-from-scratch recipe. It's decidedly not, but you only have 15 minutes, right?  So grab some boneless skinless chicken breasts, BBQ potato chips and bottled barbecue sauce, and watch this Tasty video. It's less than a minute long, so you may need to pause it while you throw these chicken nuggets together—but you'll still be done in a couple of minutes. Then throw them in the oven for 12 minutes, and it's dinnertime. Or snack time. Or munchies time, or breakfast? Whatever, we're not judging. Here's the full recipe, and video. Please enjoy:

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