If You’re Mad at “The Bachelor,” May We Suggest New Dating Show “Puppy Playdate”?

If You’re Mad at “The Bachelor,” May We Suggest New Dating Show “Puppy Playdate”?

'Cause we honestly could not care less about Arie Luyendyk Jr.

By Kristyn Pomranz

After the truly ludicrous season that was Rachel Lindsey’s The Bachelorette (Team Peter #4lyfe!), we were really in need of a palate cleanser. We were hoping and praying that Chris Harrison would do the right thing and announce lovable, affable, dog-enthusiast Wells Adams as the next Bachelor, but instead, he was all, “And the next Bachelor is…Arie Luyendyk Jr.!” and we were all, “Huh?” and then we Wikipedia’d him and fell asleep halfway through the article.

As such, we announced—as we do every season—that we were “officially done with The Bachelor franchise,” knowing full well that premiere night would roll around and we’d cave. However, it now seems that there is a new reality dating show that is about to trump The Bachelor a bajillion times over and save us from the hell that is early season Group Dates.

Puppy Playdate is “a dating show with a difference,” according to a mysterious casting call. “We’re looking for Greater London eligible singles to put their dating destiny entirely in the paws of their dog! Can man’s (or woman’s) best friend find true love for their owner?”

“All breeds, bold personalities, and diverse backgrounds welcome! If you and your pooch wish to appear in a dating show with a difference, email the casting team a photo of you and your pooch, partner preference; followed by your contact information!”

That’s all the info that’s currently available, but honestly, we totally buy into in this concept. Dogs have incredible instincts and can sniff out bad news bros long before us humans with our subpar olfactory. Now if only their humans would actually listen to them…

(Gentle reminder that Rachel Lindsey’s amazing dog Copper clearly liked Peter the best yet she didn’t listen to her pup. Keep that in mind that when you’re reading Rachel and Bryan’s imminent break-up announcement.)

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