Ryan Lochte's Tips for Looking and Feeling Hot (And Not Getting in Trouble) When Traveling

Ryan Lochte's Tips for Looking and Feeling Hot (And Not Getting in Trouble) When Traveling

"I learned the hard way."

By Lindsay Tigar

With limited time off in this country (what gives, America?), trips spent abroad for vacation are often jam-packed on a tight schedule. And trips for business? Well, those can require even tighter turnaround and higher expectation for performance. So that all can add up to some major pressure to look your best and hit the ground running immediately after your flight lands.

No one knows this pressure more than Olympians who travel across time zones to compete in the most physically demanding competitions in the world — like U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte. You might recall his name? Yes, the decorated Olympian with some, um, poor choices blemishing his past, talked to us about how to best make travel seamless, healthy, and drama free.

At an event as part of his new partnership with PowerBar, dad-to-be Lochte recently spoke to Jet Set about how he manages his busy travel schedule and combats the draining conditions of frequent flying. “Hydration is a big thing. Swelling is a major problem when flying, so I wear a lot of compression gear, especially socks," he told us. "Typically, when I’m getting off a plane, I’m heading straight to work out before I do appearances."

Struggling to stay hydrated is definitely a big part of frequent flying, since the air within a plane usually has a humidity level of 10 to 20 percent — which is much lower than when you’re on the ground. To fight this, travelers must be mindful to drink extra water and avoid beverages that are high in alcohol or caffeine.

As for his own antics in Rio during the summer Olympics — when he wasn't exactly a model American traveler — he says he’s learned "the hard way" about how to be a public figure on the road. “The biggest lesson for me is that I’m always under a microscope. Everything I do, everyone’s watching. Now I realize that I have to watch everything I do,” he shared.

“It’s good that I learned it because I probably wouldn’t be in the position that I am right now. I probably wouldn’t be about to start a family. I probably wouldn’t be with a perfect partnership with PowerBar. Everything happens for a reason and 2016 is now in the past — 2017 is a new year and a new me.”

As even us mere mortals embrace the new opportunities and outlooks a new year traditionally provides, we can all probably agree with that last bit. Amen!

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