Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Texas: The New Cast

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Texas: The New Cast

We are ready for season 2!

By Stacy Lenz

The Real Housewives of Dallas is about to grace our TV screens again, and the upcoming season seems to have everything: a serious woman in a hot dog costume, people yelling while wearing very fancy hats and, inexplicably, the quest to make pink dog food. In the spirit of a second season, we are bringing you a second dose of The Real Shelter Dogs of Texas!

Today’s dogs come from Paws In The City, a Dallas-based all-volunteer, no-kill shelter, with over 150 generous people committed to finding homes for every adoptable dog and cat. They pride themselves on taking in animals that other organizations tend to overlook, including older pets or animals battling heartworm. Just like their Real Housewives of Dallas counterparts, Paws In The City is also passionate about having unique fundraisers and charity events.

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines! (If you are interested in adopting any of these furry friends, please visit


“Get the Milkbones ready, because it’s Treat Time!” - Chief

Chief is a 6-year-old shepherd mix. He is a happy and gentle guy with lots of love to give. His hobbies include being petted and eating treats.


“Anyone who says a dog can’t be your BFF hasn’t met me.” - Denny

Denny is a two-year-old shepherd mix whose hobbies include playing fetch and making sure you are never lonely! He is friendly with cats and small dogs. He would also be perfectly content to be the apple of your eye!


“I’m a Southern pup.  Paws, personality, and all playtime.” - Franny

Franny is a one-year-old lab mix who loves to sleep in! She would love a fur buddy to pal around with.


“I’m about to give you life, so make some room for me on the couch!” - Goldie

Goldie is a one-year-old lab mix who loves to horse around with other dogs. She is also perfectly content to take a nap on your couch!


“Money can’t buy you pats…or rubs or scratches behind the ear.” - King

King is a four-year-old German shepherd mix. He is a friendly fella that prefers being petted over those material things like toys & treats.


“I may be a haute dog but that doesn’t mean this Dallas girl doesn’t also love hot dogs.” – Penny Lane

Penny Lane is a 10-month-old shepherd mix who loves back scratches and hot dogs! She is shy at first, but once you give her a minute to warm up, she turns on the charm. She is happy, friendly, playful and smart.


To learn more about the shelter or adopt any of these furry future-BBFs please visit Any questions can be emailed directly to

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