Is This the Magical Dish That Led to the Cubs' Historic World Series Win?

Is This the Magical Dish That Led to the Cubs' Historic World Series Win?

Sports fans everywhere may want to take this out to the ballgame.

By Drew DiSabatino

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. You of course know this already because, based on your ability to read these words, you have an Internet connection, and the news is literally everywhere.

And it absolutely should be. Breaking a 108-year championship drought in extra innings of an epic Game 7 is about the biggest story anyone could imagine for a World Series. But of course it’s not the one that interests us the most.

What grabs our attention aren’t errors and homeruns, but rather this article by Foodbeast examining whether or not any particular food items might have played a part in the Cubs clinching their first trophy since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Turns out that GrubHub analyzed all the takeout foods that people ordered in Chicago this season during Cubs games, and looked for the orders that correlated to the Cubs winning a game. Basically, the company tallied up which foods, when ordered more often, seemed to have a good luck effect on the Cubs.

So what food had the best order-to-Cubs-victory-ratio?

Hamachi Kama. That’s right. Not a hot dog, and not a burger or a pretzel or even cracker jacks, but the fatty, juicy collar of a yellowtail fish. Delicious? Yes. But not what we would have guessed in 100 (and 8) years.

Nonetheless the dish was ordered in Chicago 145 percent more often during games where the Cubs ended up winning instead of losing. Honorable mentions are also in order for mac and cheese and black bean tacos, which were ordered 117 percent and 111 percent more during Cub victories, respectively.

Now look: We took a stats class or two in college. We know there’s a difference between causation and correlation. So we’re not saying Hamachi Kama is directly responsible for the Cubs winning it all this year. But you also never know. What we can say though is that Cubs fans, you may have found your new good luck charm.

If only it would work for the Bears

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