Is This the Fancy DIY Brownie Dessert to End All Brownie Desserts?

Is This the Fancy DIY Brownie Dessert to End All Brownie Desserts?

There isn't a single thing wrong with plain brownies, but you'll want to trick them out after watching this.

By The Feast Staff

We're guessing you've made brownies from a mix, oh, maybe once or twice (or 700 times) before. Maybe you've even topped them with ice cream for a little a la mode action. But have you ever made tiramisu at home, and better yet, have you considered making a brownie-tiramisu mash-up? Maybe you think of tiramisu as a so-'90s dessert you don't have time for anymore. (But let's be honest: Do chocolate, mascarpone and espresso ever go out of style? Ever?).

Thanks to this new Tasty video, we can all now make brownie-tiramisu from scratch (well, sort of; there's brownie mix involved). It's incredibly easy, if you have the basic ingredients on hand. And even though it won't take you just one minute and 16 seconds, as the sped-up video might suggest, it's not going to take you that much longer. What you'll end up with is a chocolaty, creamy, coffee-spiked piece of heaven. Make that four pieces.

Small note: The recipe says "Pour batter into a parchment lined 10 × 15 inch baking sheet, for about 10 minutes." But what they really mean is "and bake for about 10 minutes." You're going to want to bake these things, not just pour them. Now off we go to go gaze at the video again, and again.

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