The 6 Things You'll Do To Earn The Title of Worst Bridesmaid Ever

The 6 Things You'll Do To Earn The Title of Worst Bridesmaid Ever

Yes, bridesmaids can be bridezillas too. 

By Jen Glantz

Being a bridesmaid can be a lot of fun (meh) but it can also be a whole lot of work. There are parties to plan and pay for, gifts to purchase, and tasks delegated to you by the bride, or bridezilla, that is running your bridal squad.

It can be pretty easy if you're organized, on time, and have special superpowers to keep the bride calm. But sometimes, being a bridesmaid can feel like a disaster, especially if you do any of the following things below, that will in turn, also earn you the title of "Worst Bridesmaid...Ever."

1. Show up late

Weddings are run on a very tight schedule and if the ceremony doesn't start when it should, guests will be eyeballing the open bar and not the bride. Showing up late to the wedding rehearsal, bridal shower, or even the morning of the wedding, could be enough to give the bride a full fledged panic attack. Try to arrive as early as you can.

2. Not show at all

Mark the date of the wedding on you calendar now and be sure to set reminders so you don't miss it. If you want to seek revenge on the bride, because she's been driving you crazy with requests and bridesmaid rules, skip out on the idea that not showing up at the wedding is the best way to do it. If you want to drop out of the bridal party or if you can't attend the wedding last-minute, due to an emergency, give the bride a heads up. It'll be less of a chaotic disaster for her to digest than having you not show up at all on the day of the wedding.

3. Skip the requests

While some brides ask a lot of their bridesmaids, requiring them to dye their hair a certain color or even lose five pounds, some requests aren't that extreme, they are just a bit of a headache to do. Even if the bride asks you to help her book wedding transportation or help her make centerpieces, and you don't have time, money or the patience to take care of it, try not to ghost the bride. Let her know that you received her "ask" but can't take care of it or can help out in a week or two when your personal life chills out.

4. Be a bridesmaidzilla

Remember, it is not your party and you can not cry when you want to. If your hair doesn't turn out as planned and you don't like the dress you have to wear, put your big girl pants on and just get through it. The wedding will only last a few hours, and part of that time there is an open bar and free food at your disposal. Make it through the day without any temper tantrums or "bridesmaidzilla" moments where your emotions take center stage on the wedding day.

5. Flirt too much

While weddings can be a place to wrap your arms around a single groomsmen for the night, make sure your flirting takes the backseat on the wedding day. Be sure to check in with the bride and make sure she has everything she needs before trying to find a date for the night.

6. Be anti-fun

Weddings are supposed to be fun and as a bridesmaid, you're supposed to add to the fun with your attitude and energy. Sitting the corner, rolling your eyes at the idea of dancing on the dance floor or spending the night celebrating the bride's one last fling before the ring will easily earn you the title of being the "grinch" of the bridal party.

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