The RHOBH star also gushes about her "incredible" friend's relationship.

on Sep 27, 2013 - The Dish0

Has Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Taylor Armstrong set the date for her wedding to John Bluher? Fellow Housewife Kyle Richards has spilled the beans that the answer might be yes.

"Taylor texted me the other day about some dates," she tells E! right after gushing about her friend's relationship with her new fiancé. "I love John and I love Taylor so I'm very excited for them. [Taylor's daughter] Kennedy is like another daughter for me. I think this is going to be a very great situation for Kennedy, and she needs this in her life, so I'm very happy."

Calling Taylor "an incredible friend," Kyle also expresses the bond she feels with the original cast of RHOBH, saying, "I'm a creature of habit. The original six girls I really feel a sisterhood with."

And what's a sister for if not a wedding planning/shopping companion? "I'm going to have to help [Taylor] register!" Kyle says.

Taylor and John got engaged on August 22nd, in what Taylor told The Dish was a "breathtaking" experience. She also went on to include the importance of her new relationship to her daughter, saying, "We are deeply in love and looking forward to our life together with Kennedy."

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I do wish Taylor all the luck in the world in her upcoming marriage, and I am happy that you are staying in close touch, Kyle, if not for Taylor's sake, then for the sake of her daughter. I did not find her to be the best mother in the world, but perhaps that has changed. 


Who cares? Kyle should stick with Taylor and stop trying to get back into Lisa's graces. They are much better matched as friends - no principles.


I wish Taylor and her daughter all the luck in the world.  I hate to even mention that I hope alcohol stays out of their lives.  There is a young boy who did not make out so well in the aftermath of divorces, remarriages, and his father's suicide.  Not to mention names, but people need to pay more attention to the children and less to their partying desires.  And we wonder why the children of stars and has beens have so much difficulty becoming healthy, functioning adults.