The Olympics’ Hottest Dudes Hail From These 8 Countries

The Olympics’ Hottest Dudes Hail From These 8 Countries

Eyes up here — on the flag.

By Aly Walansky

The Olympics are a beautiful event, where countries from all over the world come together for a common cause: being the best of the best in their sport. And that's awesome! But we must confess: Most of all we love the eye candy. So, which country would win the gold medal for having the hottest guys in the game? We share our contenders. 

1. U.S.A.

Conor Dwyer 

Team U.S.A. is kicking sporting butt this season, like many seasons before, and we're especially obsessed with the swim team. However, the rest of the teams are pretty amazing too! The list goes on and on and on, from Nathan Adrian, Evan Jager, Ben Blankenship, to Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, Kevin Durant, Conor Dwyer, Jacob Dalton. 

May we go on? In addition to hard-bodied hotness, Kendrick Farris, the only male U.S. weightlifter at the games, has a heart of gold: He's 100 percent vegan. (Swoon.)

Kendrick Farris

Team U.S.A., if there was a medal for hotness, there's no doubt you win the gold.

2. Tonga

Pita Taufatofua

Pita Taufatofua was flag bearer during the Olympics opening ceremony and immediately brought a country some of us had never heard of to the center of our hearts — and perhaps aroused some other parts of us, too.

3. Brazil

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Marcelo Melo, Mattheus Santana, Marcelo Chierigini, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior: These are just some of the names that come to mind when we consider the gorgeous team members of the Olympics host country, Brazil. From a nation of Samba dancing, potent cocktails, and gorgeous beaches, are we really all that surprised?

4. Italy

Alex Ranghieri

Italy has long been known to be home to some beautiful people, and members of their Olympic team such as Alex Ranghieri or Luca Dotto are no exception. One evening of watching Ranghieri thrust at that volleyball, or Dotto dominating the water and you'll see what we mean.

5. France

Camille Lacourt

French men are legendary for their sex appeal, and men like Camille LaCourt and Florent Manaudou continue this tradition. Yet more swimming hotties, these men and their muscles make those waters ripple, along with our every part of our beings.

6. Australia

Rhys Howden

Even if we barely knew what water polo entailed before the Games, we absolutely do now thanks to the very, very hot Rhys Howden.

7. Great Britain

Tom Daley

Without a doubt, team members such as Paul Bennett and Tom Daley are part of what makes Great Britain, well, great.

We are fixed on Bennett's muscles as he rows, and Tom Daley can dive into our pool any time.

8. South Africa

Chad Le Clos

Chad Le Clos of South Africa may not be our favorite person for the way he made our beloved Michael Phelps angry (though that worked out great!), but we always have appreciated an obnoxiously hot bad boy...

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