They're Back! World's Most Identical Twins Are Marrying Their Shared Boyfriend

They're Back! World's Most Identical Twins Are Marrying Their Shared Boyfriend

The eat the same things and shower together, too. 

By Personal Space Staff

They’re back!

Australia’s most famous identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque—who wear the same exact clothes, eat the exact same calories, and share a boyfriend—are now engaged. To the same man. That’s right.

He even purchased two engagement rings.

The 30-year-old sisters will soon marry their shared boyfriend Ben, who they met on Facebook five years ago.

The Perth, Australia, pair (both speak) said:

“We’ve been with him for five years so he’s twinning and winning … We do want to marry the same man and his name is Ben. And now we’ve been thinking, how is that going to work? Many debate is it possible? Can it really work? I don’t really know. We’ve actually heard in Tucson [America] you can get married.”

They will have a commitment ceremony if they can’t legally marry the same guy.

“We’re not hurting anyone,” they said.

They of course plan on wearing identical dresses and will share the big day with the world on their YouTube channel.

They told fans:

“Throughout this whole year we have made an effort to make many Youtube videos for our fans so they can get to know us on a more personal deeper level. We have loved every part of making these videos for you. Its actually given us the confidence and the practice for when we have our own reality show which will happen very soon. So stay tuned. With all these accomplishments we can still say and prove we are the world's most identical twins. Just google it.

“As our fame rises we would like to thank all our family and friends and all our fans on social media for supporting us every step of the way. We love you all. A special thanks to our mum and the love of our Life Ben for always being there for us. We love you so much. So here is to 2017. Lets make it bigger and better than ever and make all our dreams a reality.

Double the love from the twinnies.”

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