These Awesome 3-Ingredient Cookie Truffles Are Insanely Fast and Easy to Make

These Awesome 3-Ingredient Cookie Truffles Are Insanely Fast and Easy to Make

Homemade truffles in 20 minutes? Yes indeed.

By Aly Walansky

Need a hit of rich, creamy, crunchy chocolate decadence to get you through the rest of the week? We do. Here's the answer: Oreo truffles. These things are insanely easy to make and will totally hit the spot. Best part is, they involve only three ingredients (three!) and won’t require any baking or even cooking skill whatsoever.

The FunFoods video above shows how stupefyingly simple these truffles are to pull off.  You just grind one package of Oreos (or similar cookies) in your food processor or blender—or if you have some aggression to get out, you can always just put the cookies  in a sealed plastic bag and smash with something heavy. That’ll get the job done.

Next, place those crushed cookie crumbs into a mixing bowl, adding a package of softened cream cheese, and mix well. Voila, batter. You roll it into one-inch balls, arrange them on parchment paper, and put them in the freezer to firm up for about 20 minutes.

When they're ready, take out the frozen cookie balls and dip in melted white chocolate and some of the cookie crumbs from the first step.

Wait, melted white chocolate? First time trying that? It’s easier than you think. Carol Sirard of Sirard’s Chocolate House in Florida tells The Feast that “the best way to melt white chocolate is to use a double boiler or microwave. The easiest way is to microwave at 40 seconds at a time, stir and melt again" until creamy. Also, make sure you use a glass bowl.

If white chocolate isn’t available, use whatever chocolate you have on hand. 

Meanwhile, Delish also has their own just-as-easy video version of the recipe, which we call an excuse to whip up two batches of these babies.

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