Spending Time On These Furniture Choices Means Your Partner Is Thinking It's Long Term

Spending Time On These Furniture Choices Means Your Partner Is Thinking It's Long Term

One interior designer knows all about how long a couple will last based on what they buy for their home.

By Marianne Garvey

Los Angeles based interior designer Leslie Ross knows how to design a room—she also knows where your relationship is going based on your decisions in the living room and bedroom. It’s true, she says. Check out her theory.

If you’ve finally taken the leap and moved in together, and it’s time to make a big splurge as a couple for your new place, she’ll watch what you invest in to see where you head is at.

1. The sofa

Your sofa is the focal piece in a living room and serves many purposes. It’s where you watch TV, relax, nap, and entertain. Since it’s such a multifunctional piece, investing in quality is really worth it -- it will ensure you’re sitting/relaxing/socializing on a piece that’s well made and ideally, comfortable. If you are picturing doing all these things with your partner for years to come, and you’re willing to make a big purchase together, things are good.



2. The bed

Leslie advises to start your new life together with a completely brand new bed. Invest in a good, quality, comfortable mattress that you both feel like you’ll get a great night’s sleep on. Then, splurge on both a bed frame and headboard-- it’s the centerpiece of your bedroom, after all. Just be sure that whether it’s wood, iron, or upholstered, it’s a style that reflects both of your personalities. Buy bedding that is comfortable, soft, and that dresses up your bed. Get good quality sheets that you can’t wait to get into. For obvious reasons...and sleep. Investing in a bed means you’re both picturing sleeping with your partner for a long time to come.



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