Here's Where in the World You Can Now Call an Uber... and Get a Boat!

Here's Where in the World You Can Now Call an Uber... and Get a Boat!

...and right about now your carpool commute seems pretty boring.

By Alesandra Dubin

What will it be today — a shared ride, or a private Prius? Ho-hum.

Those Uber options are looking pretty boring when you consider that the rideshare app has just launched a pretty epic boat ride option for users.

Alas, no — it's not available stateside. You'll have to be in Croatia to use UberBOAT. Launching on June 26, the service will provide a glam (and location appropriate) new transportation option for tourists across the Croatian coastline, who will now be able to request a speedboat with a tap of that old familiar app.

The launch will offer two services: You can use it for on-demand transportation from Split or Divulje (Split Airport) to Hvar or vice versa, at a flat fare of €352, or a little less than $400. Or, if you're traveling with a #squad, go for a larger XL boat, which holds as many as 12 in your entourage, for a fixed fare of €440, or a little under $500. (But when you consider that's about $40 per person, it seems like a steal.)

Beyond just the point-A-to-point-B stuff, there's a pleasure cruise version — not something you typically associate with Uber: The second option will give riders the opportunity to take an adventure with a whole or half day boat rental to nearby islands, offered from Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik.

The price for that one is based on mileage and time, but figure about $1,000 for a full day. If that sounds pricey, consider that riders determine their own itineraries, and the UberBOAT stays with them all day — while they check out the area’s blue caves, swimming, or island hopping. Pretty darn solid for a rideshare app (and a more pleasant Uber surprise than this one, if we may).

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