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9 Ways to Keep Your Vagine Feeling Fresh as a Daisy

Because sometimes your V needs a little extra care.

By Amanda Hawkins

Summer is coming. And with summer? The dreaded chub rub, sweaty pits, and uncomfortable, irritated private parts. (Heaven forbid we actually say the word vagina!) But here's the thing about vaginas—they're really not taboo to talk about anymore. Gone are the "not so fresh" commercials and, thank goodness they've been replaced with a culture of empowered women who want to boost their feminine hygiene...without the shame and embarrassment we all grew up experiencing.

So if you're looking for intimate products for your intimate parts look no further than down here for down there. Gosh, I’m going to have a lot of fun with innuendo in this story...

1. Honey Pot Personal Wipes

If you need a quick clean in a pinch, carry a pack of Honey Pot's feminine care wipes. They are fragrance-free, so you won't leave the office bathroom with a freshly scented vagina. The wipes themselves maintain your V's pH balance that help you feel clean and refreshed all day long. Oh, and they're organic and chlorine- and pesticide-free! So you can mentally feel good about using these wipes while you'll physically feel pretty good, too.

BUY FROM: Target, $9.99

2. Lavido Tea Tree and Lavender Intimately Yours Wash

Oooh, an intimate wash! With organic tea tree oil and organic lavender oil, Lavido's natural wash will cleanse, moisturize, and deodorize. Oh, and it smells pretty good, too.

BUY FROM: Amazon,  $24

3. Amaira Vaginal Tightening Gel

I don't feel comfortable using the word "tighten" in general, so I'll just let the product name to speak for itself. The gel not only works as a natural moisturizer—it’ll help stop itching and irritation—while it also strengthens your V. Amaira is made in the good ol’ U S of A in an FDA-licensed facility, so you can feel good about shopping this line of products.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $34.95

4. Summer's Eve Night-Time Cleansing Cloths

Swampy weather is upon us! And if the higher temps have you feeling less-than-fresh between your thighs, stock up on cleansing cloths. Carrying Summer’s Eve with you on the go, or keep them close by right before bed. They wipe away odor-causing bacteria in seconds and the light lavender scent will, well, smell great! (In fact, lavender is supposed to help you fall asleep faster, so these cleansing cloths could put you to sleep while keeping you cool and feeling fresh.)

BUY FROM: Amazon, $4.73 

5. RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement

If you're prone to yeast infections, you might need to balance out your hooha's pH levels. What are your pH levels you might be asking? Basically, anything lower than a 7 is said to be acidic (yikes), and anything over 7 is basic—in a good way! Our ideal pH level is slightly more basic at 7.30–7.45, and RepHresh can help get you all squared away downtown. Take one capsule a daily to keep your nether regions’ pH levels in the right range.

BUY FROM: Target, $18.39

6. Vagisil Daily Intimate Wash

Another product to keep your pH balance in check is Vagisil’s daily intimate wash. It’s clinically proven to keep your vajajay’s pH at healthy levels, and it provides a light and fresh scent so you’ll free refreshed all day long.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $14.58 

7. Medicine Mama's Vmagic

If you're prone to "downtown" irritation, itching, burning, and redness, stock up on Vmagic's intimate cream. The active probiotic suppresses bacteria while the moisturizing cream, well, moisturizes and soothes. The 100% natural cream is made without chemicals, fillers, perfumes, or parabens, and our favorite part? It's a product made for women by a woman.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $23.74

8. Love Wellness

Lauren Conrad's BFF, Lo Bosworth, wants to heal your vagina. The social media influencer create Love Wellness, a natural line of wipes, suppositories, cleansers to keep your vajajay healthy and clean. It promises to eliminate yeast infections and other pesky "female infections." Use it for 7 days (and up to 14) to help bring your vag's pH balance back to normal. Note: The Killer gel suppository is made with 100% Medical Grade Pure Boric Acid but this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $26

9. Sexual Health Aftershave Natural Grooming Therapy

Banish post-shave and wax bumps and irritation with a couple spritz of Aftershave Natural Grooming Therapy. It's perfume-free, so it won't add any unnecessary scents, and full of chamomile and argon oil to soothe and moisturize.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $15.99 

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