Viola Davis' 20-Second Monologue Is a Love Letter to People "Who Truly Change the World"

Viola Davis' 20-Second Monologue Is a Love Letter to People "Who Truly Change the World"

The Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner will give travel fans goosebumps.

By Alesandra Dubin

If the mere thought of waking up early to set off for the airport makes you feel not groggy but giddy — well, we feel you. While we love sleep as much as the next guy (looking at you, Anthony Bourdain), we love the idea of an adventure even more.

A new ad from Delta aims to capitalize on that thrilling feeling jet setters know so well — and it employs Viola Davis (and her soothing voice) as the spokesperson to sell that idea.

The airline's new one-minute spot, called "4 a.m.," shows all kinds of people — from a business traveler in a suit to a pro ball player in uniform — setting out way early to embark on various travels. It was filmed in New York, Shanghai, Mexico City, and Los Angeles and will begin airing on February 6.

It's just in the last 20 seconds of the ad that we hear Viola's mellifluous voice chime in with a soaring message: "Here's to all 180 million of you early risers, go getters, and should-be-sleepers... because the ones who truly change the world are the ones who can't wait to get out in it."

Viola will be the spokesperson for Delta for the next year. But she is not the first celebrity to lend her image to an airline's advertising campaign: Recently, Jennifer Aniston starred in an ad for Emirates in which she switches her first-class seat for coach, because it's just that comfortable.

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