Hash Browns and Churros? Try These 5 Genius Waffle Maker Hacks

Hash Browns and Churros? Try These 5 Genius Waffle Maker Hacks

Turns out your waffle maker can cook all kinds of foods. 

By Maggie Shi

You probably have a waffle maker sitting in one of your cabinets, collecting dust. Maybe you even bust it out occasionally when you're feeling extra ambitious. But we bet you're not using it as much as you should.

Sure, a waffle maker is great for making waffles—duh—but you can also use it to make a bunch of equally delicious (if not even more delicious) eats. Break out your underused appliance and put it to work on these five foods.

1. Hash Browns

Using a waffle maker results in super crispy hash browns—and who doesn't want that? The technique is simple, too: just mound seasoned grated potatoes into the iron and close the lid. Since the appliance cooks the potatoes on both sides, you don't even need to flip them. 

2. Quesadillas

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This snack is a cinch in the waffle maker. Just place a tortilla inside, add a layer of cheese and toppings, and place another tortilla on top. Close the iron and cook until the cheese melts and the quesadilla browns. Easy!

3. Kale Chips

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If you're trying to stay healthy, kale chips are the way to go. Making your own chips is easier than you think—no dehydrator or oven required. Just toss your kale leaves with some oil and place in the waffle maker. In less than 10 minutes, voila! Crisp, delicious guilt-free chips.

4. Brownies

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If you're the type of person who fights for the crispy corner pieces, this brownie is for you. Just whip up a quick batter and pour it into your waffle iron. Top with ice cream and serve for a fun twist on dessert.

5. Churros

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Crispy homemade churros without the hassle of frying? It's possible with the waffle maker. You'll cut store-bought puff pastry into pieces, then cook them in the iron for about 5 minutes. Dust with cinnamon sugar, and you're done! (Don't forget the chocolate sauce for serving, of course.)

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