Why Is Anthony Bourdain Spitting Out His Food? Just Ask Jimmy Fallon

Why Is Anthony Bourdain Spitting Out His Food? Just Ask Jimmy Fallon

It's never a good thing when spit buckets are involved.

By Drew DiSabatino

There’re a few pieces of advice we should all take heart. Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Say yes to life. Keep calm and…something or other.

And finally: always keep a spit bucket nearby.

Granted the last one may not be quite as popular, but, after watching chef/TV host/author Anthony Bourdain play the “Secret Ingredient Game” on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, it seems increasingly important to mention.

Bourdain initially dropped by the show to promote his new documentary, and to discuss the upcoming season of his CNN program Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. But before long Bourdain found himself, as most Tonight Show guests do, seated at a table playing an unusual game—in this case The Secret Ingredient Challenge—with Fallon and fellow guest Sienna Miller.

During each round of the challenge waiters presented a classic dish, prepared with an unusual secret ingredient, to the three contestants who tried their best to pinpoint the weird additive.

And it was pretty gross.

Bourdain and company started off well, correctly identifying the bubble gum (sorry, chewing gum) in their mozzarella stick appetizers, but quickly got lost in the weeds when it came to Oreo-crusted catfish and cheese-infused ice cream pops. Needless to say the afore-mentioned spit buckets were in frequent use.

Check out the video below to see the full game in action, and try your best not to think about the inedible taste of catfish caked in burnt chocolate cookie crumbs.

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