You Need to Know This New Trick Guaranteed to Help You Score Wi-Fi Wherever You Go

You Need to Know This New Trick Guaranteed to Help You Score Wi-Fi Wherever You Go

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Consider these two scenarios that waste time and money, while providing a small dose of embarrassment to travelers and everyday road warriors: You walk into a cafe and sheepishly ask if the place has Wi-Fi, only to turn and leave without a purchase when the answer's no. Or, you order something to satisfy your paying-customer duty, then sit down to use the Wi-Fi... and realize it doesn't exist in the spot to which you've committed.

First-world problems, yes, But, your life just got a whole lot more convenient — now that Facebook is out with its new "Find Wi-Fi" map. The platform tested it in a few countries last year, and it got rave reviews from users — so now it's being rolled out everywhere.

The way it works is that when a business is on Facebook — with a Facebook page — its administrators can select amenities the place offers. Wi-Fi is among those services businesses can check off. So, when would-be customers and Internet users look at the Wi-Fi map, they'll discover all the nearby establishments that offer the chance to get online. Of course, you can also scroll through pics and details about a place, to select just the right spot to get comfortable and connected while on the road. And you won't even need to download a new smartphone app — beyond the one you surely already have — to get the 411.

So, where is this "Find Wi-Fi" function? When you open your Facebook app, you'll see three lines at the top indicating "more," and you'll see "Find Wi-Fi" listed under it, next to "Order Food" and "Nearby Places." (If you don't see it, then it hasn't been rolled out to you yet.)

Of course, you need the Internet to use Facebook. But the feature will still help you save big on data on the road: Simply do a quick search on your data plan, then go inside your chosen location to get free Wi-Fi. Or for instance, you can search from your hotel while traveling abroad, before you go off for a walk to a nearby cafe with your laptop. Handy!

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