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I'm Not Mean

Roblé explains why he lost his temper with Jasmine.

By Roble Ali

You all saw me lose my temper with my sister, and I hate that it happened, but it had to.

My sister Jasmine is new to the world of catering and professional kitchens. Anyone who has ever worked in a professional kitchen will tell you that one of the last things you want to do to a chef is walk in his kitchen and interrupt him or her unless it's absolutely necessary. What you want to do is walk in, observe, and then speak to the chef directly at an appropriate time. Walking into a kitchen and addressing the entire kitchen is something that only the chef can do. If you're not the chef -- it's the equivalent of walking into a classroom right in the middle of the teacher's lesson and addressing the class without the teacher's approval. You can't do that.

The only reason I was remotely patient with Jasmine is because she's my sister. I love her to death, and I know that this is all new to her. But after three plus times of her doing it I finally lost it. I hate losing my temper like that and shouting, and I understand that was the wrong thing to do. But it worked though!!! LOL!!!

It's all good! I don't hold grudges and neither does my lovely sister Jasmine. We both learned from the experience, and we will continue to learn with and from each other. I love you Jazz!

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