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Roble: What's the Rush?

Roble Ali explains why he wasn't worried about timing at Tyson's Chandler's birthday dinner.

By Roble Ali

The front of the house was freaking out about timing for Tyson Chandler event. I was not. You know why? Because I understand that the whole crowd is out there, and they're just sitting down, getting acquainted, and enjoying themselves. Artie was in a rush for whatever reason. Artie leads the front of the house, so when he goes into a crazed rush then the rest of his staff will as well. Trickle-down effect. There was no need to rush at all. This is not a restaurant. We don't need to turn tables quickly. We don't need to turn the table at all. We need to let people sit there, socialize, and have a great well-placed meal. I know how to do that, and that's what I did.

I can't believe the nerve of Shawn coming in the kitchen and telling me that the salad was "leaving now." Most chefs would have had a much crazier response to that than I did. I know some guys who probably would have suplexed Shawn down a fire escape for doing such a thing in the kitchen. That's highly disrespectful!! That's what happens when you work with friends, sometimes though. He forgets that when I'm in the kitchen, I'm not your homeboy anymore. I will spaz out on you quickly!!!! I love Shawn like a brother, though, so it's all good now. Kiku, on the other hand, is something that I still need to work out. To be continued.....

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