10 Dog and Cat Bowls Way Cuter Than the Boring Ones They're Using Now

10 Dog and Cat Bowls Way Cuter Than the Boring Ones They're Using Now

They're *almost* as adorable as your pet!

By Katherine Kluznik

Just look at the sad little pet bowl sitting in the corner of your kitchen right now — that plain-Jane dish your fur baby dines from two to three times a day. It’s nothing like the pretty plates you and the rest of the family eat off, right? 

Now, of course we all know that your cat or dog doesn’t care what she eats off, just as long as there’s food on it (preferably lots and lots of food). That said, you do have to look at her dinnerware, and pet bowls are one of those quick-fix finishing touches that make a bigger difference than you’d expect in your design scheme. 

Plus, right now there are so many adorable ones to choose from... like a  Japanese food-and-water duo designed with kitty ears (just like Miss Meow’s), or a cherry-blossom printed bowl that’s elevated to allow Wolfie to dine a bit more like the human he already believes he is

Ahead, 10 bowls that are almost as cute as your pet herself. 

Magisso ‘Dog Bone’ Bowl


Shu Ufanro Cat Shaped Bowls


Deny Designs Monika Strigel ‘Happy Go Lucky’ Pet Bowls & Mat Set


SunGrow Cat Bowl with Stand


French Bull Stainless Steel and Melamine Dog Bowls


Archie & Oscar ‘Hattaway Woof’ Pet Placemat


Melamine Couture Sculpture Double Food and Water Dog Bowl


Super Design Exquisite Elevated Dog Bowl Raised Dog Feeder for Food and Water


Custom Personalization Solutions Personalized Gold Confetti Bowl


TarHong Chalkboard Art Dog Bowl

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