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Here's How the Imposters Trio Became "Thick as Thieves" on Set

There was never a dull moment on the #Imposters set with Rob Heaps, Marianne Rendón, and Parker Young around.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Rob Heaps and Parker Young on Being a Part of Maddie's Trio of Targets

On Tuesday night's episode of Imposters, we saw Maddie's (Inbar Lavi) scorned lovers go from a duo to a trio as Ezra (Rob Heaps) and Richard (Parker Young) found yet another one of this cunning con artist's targets: Jules (Marianne Rendón). Ezra and Richard may have been initially reluctant to have Jules join their epic journey, but Parker told that he now couldn't imagine Imposters without Marianne. "She's amazing. I love that girl," he told "She definitely completes the trio." 

Rob admitted that they were a bit "wary" of how Marianne would be on set since Imposters is her first major acting role after graduating Julliard in May 2016. "She gets on set, and her first scene was just amazing," he shared with "We were a bit like, 'Oh, sh**. OK, we've got to up our game.'"

Marianne told that she, Rob, and Parker became "thick as thieves" while working on Imposters. "I think Parker and I will always push each other’s buttons in a playful way. We’re so close, and I couldn’t believe that my job was to play with them every single day," she said. "You think scenes are going to be one way, and then someone [does], like, something with their finger, then it becomes this thing, and suddenly we’re all trying not to laugh in the take. And just that kind of life and that kind of energy underneath of the work is priceless, and it’s an opportunity that I don’t think many actors get to have with their colleagues."

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Rob, Parker, and Marianne also kept things fun outside of scenes. There were "a lot of inside jokes, a lot of one-liners," according to Marianne. "We’d be running our lines or something before we started shooting, and I would jump someone’s line 'cause I was really excited," she recalled. "One of the lines was like, ‘She had been raised by wolves’ or something, and I came in with 'wolves' too soon. When one of us was bored or feeling down about something, we’d just say, 'Wolves!' And they just knew what we were talking about."

Everyone in this trio also agreed that Parker was a bit of a prankster on set, leaving clothespins he used during his physical therapy for his injured thumb on the outfits of his unsuspecting castmates. "I remember, in Episode 3, I wear this long, black cloak kind of thing, and he had stuck the clothespin to the end of my cloak and the dressers sort of frantically run and take it off," Marianne recalled. "It had just become this thing where, like, suddenly, Rob would be turning his head in a very serious moment and we would try to clip him. It just was totally absurd." 

"You've got to be on your toes," Parker simply said of this prank. 

Um, is there room for one more in this trio, because this cast seriously sounds like they had the best time ever. 

Check out more behind-the-scenes fun on the set of Imposters, below.

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