Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston

Season 21 |
Aired: November 25, 2015

Bravo Media’s Emmy Award-winning Inside the Actors Studio, hosted by James Lipton, welcomes critically acclaimed thespian Bryan Cranston to the stage.  Host Lipton sits down with the four-time Emmy-winner in light of his titular role in the new biographical drama film, Trumbo, where Cranston plays Dalton Trumbo, a top Hollywood screenwriter who was blacklisted for political reasons. Through the episode, Cranston intimately recalls his early days, including a defining moment in his childhood when he went from an outgoing and happy youth to a recluse after his father left his family.  He carefully navigates some of his most well-known roles and the challenges that came along with them, including how he shaped his quirky paternal character, Hal, in Malcom in the Middle, and how he drew inspiration from his own broken father when creating his vision for the iconic character of Walter White. Viewers will also be heartened to learn of the actor’s powerful thoughts while shooting one of the most pivotal scenes from Breaking Bad, as well as what Cranston believes to be Walter’s ultimate "truth."

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