Airbnb Guests Are Totally Having Sex All Over the House, Survey Says

Airbnb Guests Are Totally Having Sex All Over the House, Survey Says

So that's something to consider before you list.

By Marianne Garvey

Airbnb guests are making themselves at home — really at home. Like, in the bedroom. And the kitchen. And the bathroom. 

Over half the people that use the home rental service admit to having sex in their renters’ place. A new survey asked over 1,000 guests and 100 hosts if people were getting it on, and 54 percent of guests reported that yup, they had sex in someone else’s house or apartment while staying there.

Oh, also, they had sex not just in the bedroom — and bed — but in the shower, on the couch, and in the kitchen, respondents admitted. Pass the bleach.

While most hosts acknowledge they didn't think their visitors were observing abstinence, they never thought guests would do it all over the house: More than a quarter of guests report having sex in the shower, and more than a fifth report getting down on the couch. Kitchen trysts were at seven percent. (We hope away from the toaster?) Not surprisingly, the thought was unsettling for hosts who cooked a lot.

Even more disturbing were the 32 percent of guests who admitted to leaving post-sex dirty sheets behind. Many hosts clean up their homes themselves, so they weren’t too pleased with this discovery.

The company reports several million guests a year, but it’s often both hosts and guests have troubling experiences. There are the horror stories of guests who have found their rented digs disgusting or dangerous, or hosts discovering their guests using their pad to throw a wild party, sell drugs, or film a porn.

Minor infractions that still annoyed homeowners were leaving the air conditioning on for the whole day, failing to fully read the check-in information, sneaking in extra guests without paying, and changing arrival plans on short notice.

Nearly half of all Airbnb owners have seriously considered no longer hosting because of their guest’s behavior, but the extra income was just too good to pass up. More than a fifth of those asked did take down their listings as a result of guest behavior. But Airbnb hosts earn more than $900 a month on average, so those hosts who quit the platform could be leaving more than $10,000 of extra income on the table every year.

So, what's it worth to have someone hooking up in your kitchen

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