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Baroness Caroline on Growing Up Royal

Caroline Fleming discusses her title, becoming a supermodel, and the Ladies' reactions to her Scandinavian dinner party.

By Caroline Fleming
The Barefoot Baroness First and foremost, what are your adorable pups’ names? They are too cute! 

Caroline FlemingThey are called Mink and Sofie. Can you speak more about growing up at as royal, and deciding to branch out and conquer London as a model and television host?

CF: When you are a child I don't think you really contemplate where you grow up, it's what's normal for you. I thought everyone lived in the same way. My mother, like Julie Montagu, was another Cinderella story and married into this aristocratic family, but she was a very successful model beforehand. So when Eileen Ford came to Denmark when I was a teenager and asked me to come to NYC and work as a model, an urge started to grown inside me which flourished as soon as I finished school. I felt fine about this decision because I was following my mothers footsteps, although this was most certainly not a "career" of blue stamp approval or my family's support.

I modelled till I got married and the year before I got divorced TV2 ( largest network in Denmark) produced a documentary about my family with me as the absolute main character and a TV career was all of a sudden well on its way... Tell us all about Scandanavian Christmas and what makes it so special to you. 

CFIt's everything from the decorating of the house, and especially the tree with decorations handed down through the generations. It's the smell of the fur tree and cookies constantly being baked, oranges with cloves and red silk ribbons, mulled wine brewing, Christmas carols sounding day and night (which I actually play throughout the year as they make me so happy). I love Santa Lucia on the 13th of December where all the girls dress in white and sing in candlelight to all the males in the family. I love the advent candles we light every Sunday, and the calendar gifts for children that they open every day of December. I love all the love and thought that goes into everything everyone's all about love and gratitude and celebrating life and all those we care for. You seemed right at home in the kitchen, how did you feel you dinner went and what do you think of the Ladies’ reactions? 

CF: The actual Christmas dinner is always a very time consuming menu to cook and being alone doing everything was probably a little on the ambitious side - normally I would be surrounded by my father and Molly, my sisters, their husbands and all our children and everyone would help. The food was delicious although served quite late with very little time for me to sit with my guests and entertain them before dinner which is unheard of for me and because it got so late and we didn't sit down for dinner till after 10, I felt it was fine to ask my guests to leave just after midnight as I get up for my kids at 6 AM every morning - I always clear up the kitchen so they come down to normality and want to be fresh for my children when they wake up. I don't ever have a lie in, even after a late night...and school nights are preferably earlyish or I can't be the mother I want to be. I think the ladies are hilarious to think it's madness to end a Monday evening after midnight. It must be a result of not getting up for kids...or having a stamina greater than my own. Lol x x

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