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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

Caroline Stanbury's Biggest Ladies of London Regret: "That Was Probably My Darkest Time"

The Ladies of London alum looks back on the most major moments of the series.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Though cameras may not be documenting practically every aspect of Caroline Stanbury's life like they used to on Ladies of London, she's still keeping up with this beloved crew, including Juliet Angus, Sophie Stanbury, Caroline Fleming, and Julie Montagu.

"We all really connected," Caroline said of the Ladies of London squad during an interview with The Daily Dish. "I mean, it was a really, really fun time, and I know there’s so much fan love for Ladies of London."

Caroline reflected on her time on the show when The Daily Dish caught up with her over the phone from Dubai, where she moved at the end of Season 3, in February. The Ladies of London alum looked back on all of the highs and lows of all three seasons of the series, all of which are available to stream through the Bravo app now.

Though it ended up being one of the most controversial moments of the series, Caroline said that she still gets a kick out of the time she "straddled" Juliet's husband, Gregor, during the group's New Year's Eve party in Season 2 — all the while clad in a unicorn onesie. "[It] always makes me laugh," Caroline said. "That’ll always be one of my favorites."

Humping Husbands in Unicorn Onesies

Caroline also said that all of the trips the ladies went on "are the most memorable" parts of her time on the show and also some of "the hardest." "You’re fond of everyone, but you hate them at the same time," she said of traveling with this bunch.

Over the course of the three seasons, the Ladies of London cast got to do some clay pigeon shooting at Julie's family estate, Mapperton, visit Caroline Fleming's home country of Denmark, and make a Scottish estate their playground. Caroline said that traveling with her fellow ladies was all in all an "incredible experience."

Caroline Fleming's Emotional Visit Home

Of course, Annabelle Neilson played a major part in many of Caroline's favorite Ladies of London moments. Caroline has many fond memories of the Season 1 and 2 cast member, who sadly passed away in 2018. "When she was herself and she could just enjoy the moment, Annabelle really was the life and soul. She was just such a laugh, and she was so easygoing and she was so caring. It’s such a shame that she’s not with us still," Caroline shared. "She was a really beautiful person."

No matter what was going on in her life at the time, Caroline was always an open book with Ladies of London fans, letting them in to her most trying times, including when she had to shut down her business, the Gift Library, in Season 2. "Yeah. I’m really, really open," Caroline recalled of sharing that part of her life on Ladies of London. "I think people are scared to ask questions or to put themselves out there and say, 'I have these feelings.' They’re unhappy at work, they’re unhappy in their love life, they’re unhappy with how they are at parenting. Any of these things, and people find it hard to express themselves."

She added, "I have lost businesses. I have had public failure. I have had all of these things happen to me, but I got back up, and I’m still standing and I’m still happy. In fact, I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time."

Caroline Stanbury Says Goodbye to Gift Library

Caroline said she also regrets how things between herself and Sophie fell apart in Season 3 of Ladies of London when her then-sister-in-law got in the middle of her drama with Julie. "That was probably my darkest time on the show. I don’t think I did anything wrong in it myself, to be honest. I mean, I probably overreacted," Caroline said. "They all knew my weak spots and they knew my points and they knew where the switch is in me. And I do have a temper."

Caroline said that she and Sophie are now in "a great place today." "It took a long time for me to heal me and Sophie, but I don’t think I would allow that to happen again, and Sophie wouldn’t," Caroline said. "So that’s my only regret, really."

Caroline to Sophie: Now I Know I Can't Trust My Family

She has even sought guidance from Sophie, who we saw go through a divorce from Caroline's brother, Alex Stanbury, in Season 3 of Ladies of London, following her own split from husband Cem Habib last year. "Her and Alex are in a great place," Caroline shared. "They’re the happiest divorced couple I’ve ever met. I’ll take a leaf out of their book."

Now that we've got you wondering if we'll ever see Caroline back on our TV screens, she told The Daily Dish that she would "love to return to TV" if she "got the right project." 

In fact, Caroline said she wouldn't mind hanging out with the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or The Real Housewives of New York City. "I know all the girls on Beverly Hills who are on, New York, so I would definitely consider joining one of them," she said. "It’s with friends, and it’s different. It’s just a different group of girls. It’d be a different dynamic, and I’m definitely ready to go unstop my heels and walk through something like that. I feel strong enough now."

The entire series of Ladies of London is now available to stream through the Bravo app.

Photo: Getty Images

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