Caroline Fleming Eats These 3 Foods Every Day for a Balanced Life

Caroline Fleming Eats These 3 Foods Every Day for a Balanced Life

Ladies of London's royal mom and cookbook author explains how to have your cake and eat it, too.

By Tamara Palmer

Caroline Fleming is the cookbook queen of Ladies of London who was born an actual baroness in Denmark. She recently released her first English-language book, Cook Yourself Happy, which features a large collection of recipes including modernized versions of old family recipes and healthy fare influenced from her world travels. She enjoys a wide range of foods in her life, but there are three particular items that her family has every single day.

"Every morning there will always be a big plate of cucumber, avocado, and tomato," she shares. "We use high quality olive oil, fresh lemon, and pink Himalayan salt."

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Besides being delicious, Caroline likes that these are alkaline foods, which help to neutralize acidity in the bloodstream and create balance.

"I do believe in being alkaline," she explains. "Both of my parents died of cancer, I have a lot of friends who have died of cancer. I've seen a lot of disease and to me it's been a real curiosity of understanding why do certain people die so young. And what's very interesting in that is negative stressful thoughts, when they come into your body, turn your body acidic in the same way that coffee does and alcohol does and red meat does and sugar does."

Other favorite alkaline foods include kale, spinach, broccoli, ginger, and garlic, which she finds all make her feel good after eating. She also allows herself some acidic indulgences in her diet, like red wine and chocolate cake, but just makes sure to do so in moderation.

"Because I do like things that I know are quite acidic, I always add a very alkaline ingredient so that everything is, again, in balance. But it means that you can have your cake and eat it."

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