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Marissa Will Not Be Taken for Granted

Marissa apologizes for hurting Juliet, but won't apologize for standing up for herself. 

By Marissa Hermer
It's Marissa Vs. Juliet (And Caroline's Loving it!) What have you been up to since last season of Ladies of London ended? 

Marissa Hermer: My plate is been pretty full since last season. Matt and I welcomed Jake to our little family and we’ve discovered that two boys under the age of three is a juggle. But we certainly love the circus act of it all. While I was pregnant with Jake, I was craving hotdogs milkshakes and fries - clearly nostalgic for my own childhood Southern California foods. I couldn’t find a good 'ol American hot dog spot in London - so decided to open one myself. But this time, unlike the dirty water dogs I loved in New York City, our hot dogs would be full of all the good stuff - free-range, grass-fed meats and great fresh toppings - as a mom and wife, I now care about what I’m fuelling my family with. I’ve opened Top Dog in London’s Soho on Frith Street, next to Ronnie Scotts, and though it is absolutely terrifying to open my first business, it is also an incredible rush, ride, and adventure - AND, with lines around the block, so far, so good. That all said, with lots of work on the homefront, I was diagnosed with a bilateral case of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) - due to trying to do to much work on my phone (while running around after the kiddies at the park) - a very painful condition which makes the juggle more difficult. What do you think of Juliet saying that you are critical of her?

MH: I don’t want anyone to feel that I’m overly critical of them, especially a friend, so I’m sorry that I’ve ever done anything to Juliet to make her feel this way. That said I think our friendship has changed over the last couple of years and while I never want to be critical of a friend I also won't put up with being taken for granted. If I feel like I’m being taken for granted, I let it be known that it’s not okay with me. 

My Thanksgiving is Better Than Your Thanksgiving What are your thoughts about your blow-up with Juliet at Caroline’s party?

MH: It's interesting to watch my blow-up with Juliet at Caroline’s party because as ex-pats far from our American families and childhood homes, we both want to hang on to tradition, which for both of us is what Thanksgiving is about. I completely understand why Juliet wants to have Thanksgiving in a home as growing up, I always had Thanksgiving dinner in my family home. My own Thanksgiving tradition in London, for the last several years, has been a Bumpkin Thanksgiving. Over the years I’ve collected more friends in London - ex-pat Americans and Brits, and so  I’ve needed more seats at the table - and bigger tables than what is currently in my dining room. So, several years ago, we moved Thanksgiving dinner from our house in Chelsea to the Bumpkin Private Dining Room. It’s been a Thanksgiving tradition that I’ve created years ago in London and I look forward to sharing Thanksgiving with my London friends and British Family every year. I certainly don’t own Thanksgiving (ha!) I wish I did - I’d have a bigger dining room table. Everyone can celebrate how they like and where they like - if anyone wants to come to mine, they are always more than welcome - or if they have other plans, it is of course totally fine.mI understand Juliet’s desire to hang on to her Thanksgiving tradition and ideas, however I won’t sacrifice my own Thanksgiving tradition to she can start a new one. Funnily enough, after watching this now, I can’t believe it is almost time to think about this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner. 

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