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A Model Can Stay a Model

Debbie discusses life after the runway.

It is extremely difficult for a Super Model to successfully make the transition into acting, as it is in any high profile profession. When Eddie Murphy tried his hand at the music industry, it was very difficult for anyone to see him as anything other than a comedic actor. The same rings true for Supermodels. Charlize Theron, Ashton Kutcher, and Jacinda Barrett were all successful models before they were actors, but they were not so high profile that it was impossible for the public to view them as something other than "Cindy Crawford" or "Naomi Cambell".

I believe that Tyra Banks did not do very well as a pop star, not because she cannot sing, but because she has so successfully created her image as a model -- and that is what people want to see from her. In acting, you have to really become a character, you almost need to forget that the camera is there. Models are always aware of the camera, and how they look from every angle. I think this is another reason that some models have difficulty becoming actors. We are too aware of our actions, our bodies, how we look. A runway walk does not usually look very believable in a movie.

This week we did something different on the catwalk. The models were asked to either work together in pairs and one single. Jacki volunteered to walk alone and the others chose who they wanted to pair up with. They then chose characters to portray out of a hat.
Some of the models seemed to understand the task at hand, and were able to get into character, and others were having more trouble. I gave them some minor feedback, but the task was for them to come up with what they wanted to do on their own, so the Catwalk this week is of their own design.


Casey and Perry- These two work well together. I thought they told their story together the best of all the models. I actually think Casey out shined Perry on this catwalk challenge. He was the one who kept my attention.

Frankie and Shannon- Shannon outshined Frankie. Frankie was really trying, but I think he was posing more than getting into character.

Holly and Stephanie- Holly and Stephanie portrayed "super hero" and "villain" well. Stephanie's body looked incredible, but, I think that she did not commit to her movements enough. They either needed to be more fluid, or more choppy (with the feather). I did agree with Cory that it looked a little annoying.

Ben and Ronnie- When I heard that these two chose "Rockstars", I was worried for them. And then the next day when they found out it was Ziggy Stardust inspired clothes, and they did not take the jump out...yikes. It is so difficult for Ben when he feels silly, and Ronnie at least was trying to Glam Rock it out, but it just looked wrong. Ben was lucky he had immunity.


Jacki- I thought it was a mistake for her to walk alone. I think Jacki works better off of other people. My favorite catwalk she has done so far was the one where she was paired with Stephanie. Her performance was okay, kind of unimaginative though.
Katy- Katy is a beautiful girl, but she is difficult to place in the fashion industry. I saw improvement in her body, but I do not think that she has the limbs and the proportions to be a "body" like Heidi Klum or Giselle, and she is not high fashion either. I do not know how tall she is, but I feel like if she had two inches on her, she would be perfect. Unfortunately, none of us have the powers to teach her how to grow.

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