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Bridging Diversity

Ronnie opens up about Perry, Ben, and bad tempers.

Dear Supermodels Gods that Be,

This week began with Jacki being sent home and learning that were going on a winter weekend. To prepare for our trip, we stopped out to Natrona to pick out some pillows, blankets and candles. Being that Natrona helped to decorate our home in NYC, we wanted to use items from their store to set a comfortable and relaxing mood in our getaway cabin. Our road trip to the Windham Ski Resort that took about 3hrs and we began at 330am.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a friendly hair and make up team and our stylist Louis. Our challenge was to capture motion in our photo shoot with Dennis while fashioning off Ralph Lauren, John Varvatos and vintage wear from "What Goes Around Comes Around." I was paired up with Perry, with whom I was not initially excited to work with, but following our challenging shoot on mini snow skis, I had a new found understanding of him.
My biggest frustration in others would have to be the arrogance and ego -- it is real turn off personally and professionally speaking. This photo shoot in the snow overall was a challenging one for me because I have never skied before and I am afraid of heights. Going up in the ski lift was frightening and breathtaking at the same time. There was a moment of complete silence and serenity as I cast my eyes upon snow covered mountains lined with lined with sweet smelling pines; A silence only to be broken by laughter of children below learning how to ski and snowboard.

Every week I find myself asking, "Is this all really happening", and the answer is always YES!

Following the photo shoot we drove to a beautiful mountain cabin to "relax", or so we were told, but we were in for a real surprise. We sat beside the fireplace, shared stories, and feasted upon freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and marshmallow s'mores. I also enjoyed several margaritas which I come to regret the following morning when we were awoken to the sound of Clay's voice and whistle.

It was time for our weekly workout which we thought that we had escaped; punishment for our sweet indulgence. Clay had prepared a series of challenges for us and the losing team had to clean the house form top to bottom with toothbrushes. I was on Perry's team along with Casey and it's fair to say we CREAMED the competition. We worked hard, followed clever strategy, and above all else used teamwork to our advantage.
I must say Ben's inability to control his anger this week was disappointing. Ben is my boy and he was the last person I would have expected to behave in the way he did towards Casey and me. Just because someone is gay does not mean that they are a girl or any less of a man than a straight man. After speaking with Ben I realized that he genuinely meant no harm by his comments, but it was important for me to share my concerns because I truly care about him. I am not a go-along-to-get-along friend. And I am certainly not afraid to speak my mind, but timing is everything.

The catwalk this week was my absolute favorite!


I was honored to hit the runway styled in a fall of 2008 Ben Sherman suit. I did it with a style, attitude, and confidence that earned me a spot in the top three and a heart felt apology from panel for not believing that I coulddisplay a range of emotions and break free from the catalog world. There is no looking back, its full speed ahead as the competition heats up and the finish line is nearly insight.

Mom, you grounded me and gave me a boost of confidence-thank you!! A special shout out to Stephanie and Megan who made my week by requesting my first autograph. It means a lot to me to know that people that are enjoying our show and supporting us as we reach for our dreams.

Bridging Diversity,


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