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Cooking Dinner

Drama at the dinner table? Katy dishes it out.

So, my boobs had gone from a 33.5 to a 34.5 because of that time of the month which Debbie said was perfectly normal and not to worry. I had not lost any inches on my stomach or thighs, which is frustrating, because I've been working pretty hard in the gym.

We came home to find written on the model board "cook and eat dinner together". It was a complete setup to get drama for TV. We all cooked what we wanted, waited around for the camera crew to set up and sat down to eat. We had chicken rotisserie, wings, salad, fruit and veggies.

When we were eating we had paper scrolls placed by our plates which we had to open and read and answer the question. (Who we thought was the weakest model, etc). Dom was very defensive when the other models and myself said that we wanted him to go home... that showed me how immature he is. He still hasn't stop complaining.

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