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I Hate Butts

Holly reveals what put her in a state of shock... and it wasn't the thong.

This week has been an emotional rollercoaster, day one kicked off with our first challenge a photo shoot with Lee Strickland in the middle of Times Square, after freezing our bums off, we were taken to our loft. Ok! Words cannot describe how awesome! Sleep number beds, jaquzzi bath tubs, huge closets - a models dream!

Day two - By far has been the most craziest day of my life. It started out by burning something important to us so we could move on with the new us, this personally was very difficult to do. Next we got sized up at the agency, and finally, we ended with a very big surprise. A GQ Party and outfits to wear there!

Day three - We met our runway coach Debbie and another member of the panel Jennifer Starr. Debbie and Jennifer surprised us with unitards to train in, including the boys - oh my gosh! Nothing was left to the imagination, if you know what I mean! After digging my eyes out that day we came home and worked on our walks because day four we had to walk for the judges in our first runway show!

Day four - Before the show our outfits were revealed. Two boys and two girls were to wear a thong, Tyson gave us a little demo ha ha not too bad. Shannon agreed to wear one and from the boys - Casey and Ben. Oh my gosh I hate butts so bad! They are so ugly and not flattering on anyone. Everyone else not wearing a thong had to just wear a bathing suit, which wasn't too bad, I was super nervous about the bathing suit because I've never been too comfortable in one, but after that I just had more confidence.

By the end of the show the judges made a decision who performed the best that week, and on our runway walks! Niki was like "Holly you did the best overall this week"! And I really almost peed my pants. I know they were not very impressed with my photo, so I totally wasn't expecting it at all. I thought overall my week wasn't good at all but thankfully the judges saw it differently. I'm still in a state of shock! But I'm so thankful..

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