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Once In a Lifetime

Shannon finds life after the show to be a bit strange.

Now that the chaos of MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL  is finished for me, I've found it almost strange to be out in the real world. Viewers maybe don't realize this but we all were completely cut off from the world in order to create the show. Now I'm able to breath. The competition was definitely boot camp, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

It's nice to not have a camera in my face 24-7 but working is something I love to do so I didn't hesitate a bit to get back out there. I live in new york city so I just hit the ground running. The responses I've gotten have been extremely good! Suffice it to say, my face will be out there. I look forward to working and working a lot.

Looking back at the competition, it was really an amazing and positive experience. I know I may have looked frustrated at times but I attribute that to good editing. So much more goes on than what the viewers see. For example; Perry and I at each other's throats. He and I really didn't spend everyday ready to kill each other.

The reunion show was pretty exciting. Seeing all of my girls was a lot of fun. I won't pretend like I actually have any solid friendships with any of the guys because I don't (although I do respect them at the end of the day). But seeing Katy, Steph, Holly, Sara, Aryn and Jacki was wonderful. They all are doing well and getting their butts out there to further pursue modeling. I'm very proud of all of them.

I also feel like I was very lucky to have worked with such amazingly strong and respectable women. The competition really was a once in a lifetime experience that we'll never forget so reunions won't stop. I know Jacki and I are really looking forward to watching the reruns and laughing our asses off.

Well, the final episode is coming up which I'm really excited about. I definately want Holly to win! I know that anything could happen but I hope America sees her determination, bravery and passion. That girl is amazing so i'm going to be keeping my fingers crossed for her. I hope america sees everything she has to offer; because it's a lot.

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