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Talking Trash

Ben clears the air with the other models.

This week started off with Perry, Jacki and myself going up before the panel to see who among us wanted to stay. Jacki went home. I'm very thankful that I was given another chance and I'm glad that America thinks that I can be a Supermodel. We go back to the house and find out that there is a weekend get away planned.

After that we get to make phone calls home -- I called my wife and she was so happy and I was glad she's doing well. It's pretty hard when you don't know what is going on back home and you're hundreds of miles away. It was definitely a confidence booster to hear her voice.

So we leave at 3:30 in the morning and head off to our destination. We get to a mountain and climb up the snow to meet with Niki and our photographer Dennis. They tell us that we are doing an action shot and I was going to be working with Holly. We went second and found out we had to stand on a sled and go down the mountain.
All we got was great feedback and even did so well that we had to do the shot with champagne glasses. We had a blast and I felt extremely confident in our shoot. At the end of the day, Frankie got sent back to the house and had the rest of us went to a beautiful log cabin.

It was so nice to sit and relax by the fire but it seemed too good to be true. The next morning we got woken up by Clay for a snow relay race. I was with the two girls and we didn't do so well. Being the competive person that I am, I talked trash to the other team without knowing it offended Ronnie and Casey. We got back to our house and the three of us had a talk and worked out the misunderstandings. ben.jpg

Catwalk day seemed like it came so fast this week we found out there was a 'spin'on the catwalk this week we follow Niki on the catwalk and saw a turntable spinning at the end we also found out we were going to be wearing the Ben Sherman Fall 08 collection.
I went on to the catwalk and didn't miss a beat and when I got off, I felt completely confident in my performance. Come to find out the panel didn't like anything I did this week so they put me in the bottom....again. It was so frustrating because I knew I didn't do poorly enough to go in the bottom. I feel as though Shannon deserves to go in the bottom but they let her off the hook because she was sick.

I hope America sees that I deserve a spot. It's not a good feeling to be in the bottom two weeks in a row. It's crazy, this week it's 3 guys in the bottom. Now it's in the hands of the country to decide who they want to see continue in the competition.

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